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1 may 2012 006Dharamsala: A Tibetan monk living in south India has reported the names of several protesters who were arrested during a demonstration in Amdo region, eastern Tibet, in March.

Around 60 lay persons and monks were arrested during a protest in Ba County, Qinhai Province, on March 15. The majority have now been released.

However, Choedrak, of Drepung Monastery, has received information from inside Tibet that two monks from Ba Shentri Monastery - Jampa Sangpo and Kunsang Ringdol - were sentenced respectively to one year's and one month's imprisonment in Xining City, the capital of Qinhai Province.

Amongst the lay persons arrested were well-known singer Dorje Tsebe, along with his wife and Dorje Gyal. Dorje Tsebe was released, but his wife was sentenced to one year and Dorje Gyal to one year and three months.

Two other lay women were sentenced, but their names are unknown. One, from Konlog village, received one year and three months. The other, identified as the wife of Richen Gyal, from Kogen village, received six months. Both are being held in Ba County prison, doing forced labour.

Choedrak reported that four other monks and four other lay persons are still being held in detention. The monks are Yeshe Dorje, Tsultrim Rinchen, Tenzin Rangsher and Lobsang. The lay persons are Dorje Dhondhup, Guru Dorje, Tseten Gyal and Tsering Wanggyal, who was initially released but then rearrested.

All eight are being held at Ba County 'people's prison'.

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