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central-tibetDharamshala: - Reports coming out of Tibet say, an internal notice sent to all the prisons and detention centers of central Tibet (Chinese: Tibet Autonomous Region TAR) in March 2012, has barred all prisoners from meeting their friends and family.

The notice has also clearly outlined a need for stricter vigilance in the prisons and has directed all the prison officials to closely monitor the movements of the Tibetan prisoners.

Lawyers and legal advisers of the prisoners were asked to get the permission only from the chief warden and were allowed only a limited amount of time for case discussion.

The reason for stricter rules in the prison was cited as public security and the welfare of Lhasa residents.

Most of the detention centres and prisons of the so called Tibet Autonomous Region are situated on the north west of Lhasa. These prisons were built rapidly in 1983 and was used ever since for secret detention of political prisoners and dissidents.

Many respected monks from the three main monasteries of Tibet were also reportedly arrested and detained in these prisons and tortured.

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