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8june2012-003Dharamshala: Over the past few weeks, a huge amount of weapons were seen to be used by the Tibetan nomads in the region of Amdo, Tibet's north eastern region. Many of the nomads were seen to have concealed their weapons under their traditional Tibetan costume.

A lot of internal strife has seen violence in the area as well as a number of deaths. This is resulted in a few cases of detention for the Tibetan nomads of Amdo.

Many friends and families of these rebellious Tibetan nomads have publicly appealed to them asking them to lay down their weapons in fear that this on going battle will cost them their lives.

Recently Lama Ngawa Lodhu is trying to find a different resolution to the problem. He is using the power of religion to bring the Tibetan nomads part of the non violent struggle.

The Dalai Lama has also recently advised the people to surrender their weapons to the monasteries. The Lamas of these monasteries have advised many of the nomads to stop with their violence as well as their thievery.

The extent of how successful the Lamas have been is unknown, however according to the Central Tibetan Administration website a vast number of weapons have been surrendered.

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