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12june2012-004Dharamsala: The former president of Gu Chu Suum (an organization of ex political prisoners), Ngawang Weobor received information from Tibet of an unidentified Tibetan who was earlier living in Lhasa and was sent back to the Qinghai province. This is the case of many Tibetans following the two self immolations that took place in Lhasa at the end of May 2012 as the crackdown in Lhasa continues.

Many Tibetans from Kham and Amdo who were living in Lhasa are reportedly being sent back to their native regions by the Chinese Government even though they were residents.

The Chinese Police reportedly went around towns, questioned any young Tibetans and have even arrested them and sent many homeless people to the detention centre, Tsel Gungthang.

The Tibetans were detained there and were repeatedly questioned. People from the same provinces were then grouped together and sent them back to their native towns and villages through railways or buses.

Residents of Lhasa from TAR were made to produce five different types of documents;  a supporting letter, birth certificates, family certificates, introductory letter from regional government office as well as the permissiary document that allows one to live in Lhasa. Only if they can produce all the five documents, they will be allowed to work and conduct business in Lhasa. But again, these documents are difficult to procure due to government red tape.

In March 2012, families in the Tibet Autonomous Region who had members outside China were called to the Police Station and questioned about their whereabouts and their contact details.

The crackdown in Lhasa follows the Chinese Government's decision to shut off the Tibet Autonomous Region to tourists and visitors after the three self immolations which took place in May, bringing the total count of Tibetan immolators to 38.

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