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15june2012-001Dharamshala: This morning at 6.15 a.m. Tibet time, a sixty five years old Tibetan man, Tamding Thar, self-immolated in front of police station in Tsendha country, north-eastern Tibet. In line with other self-immolations the man drank the Kerosene and doused his body as well and after a few minutes he became unconscious. After a prolonged period of time the police force came and put out the fire on the man's body.

The man who self-immolated was from Tangshang Lowa village in Tsendha country, in Qinghai province. This morning many local Tibetan people went to the police station after the incident were the man burned himself and requested that the police either release him. Currently many members of the local community are waiting outside the police station in an increasingly tense situation, later it was confirmed that the man had succumbed to his injuries and died.15june2012-002

The police said that at eleven o'clock this morning they would release him, but so far they haven't released him and the people of the area do not know if he is alive or dead. Since the incident the area has been saturated by security forces-military trucks and soldiers, and they have cracked down on the area, a tactic that the Chinese military are now increasingly using after self-immolations in Tibet.

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