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17june2012007Dharamshala: - On 14th April 2012, in Adu villiage in Ngaba County had staged aprotested against the Chinese Government. They had peacefully prayed for the martyrs who had self immolated but the police entered the scene, resulting in arguments between the police and the people.  As a resort, many Tibetans were arrested but then they were slowly released.

Kanyak Tsering and Lobsang Yeshe from Kirti Monastery, Dharamshala spoke to TPI and spoke about the aftermath of the protests.

On 2nd January 2012, Phalten, aged 40, was sentenced to 3 years by the community court of Ngaba County. Although the community court said that they would check his record again, he is still in prison. Phalten's family consists of his wife and four children.

On 2nd June, aged 37, from Adu Gyalde village was sentenced to 2 years in prison. The Chinese Government was constructing a house for every family in the village and Gurkho and said that they did not want a government house. When they refused the keys, they were arrested.

A third man from Adu village, named Pema, was detained in Ngaba county for unknown reasons but was not sentenced.

A monk from Kirti Monastery, Lobsang Phenchuk, aged 29, was sentenced to 8 years in Barkham and has been denied political rights for an additional four years.

Lobsang Phenchuk was arrested on 17th October 2011 and his status and reasons for arrest are unknown.

On 27th May 2012, two Tibetan men, Dorjee Tseten and Dhargye self immolated in front of the Jokhang Temple, Lhasa. Dorjee Tseten passed away while Dhargye was reportedly taken to the hospital. Dhargye's father went to Lhasa but was not allowed not meet his son and was not even sure if Dhargye was alive or in Lhasa.

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