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19 june 2012 003Dharamshala: Sandhup, an activist in Sertha County of the Kanzi Tibetan Autonomous Region was arrested on the 13th of June after being accused of anti-Chinese political activities. He had been arrested by the local Chinese police.

Sandhup (31) had been arrested according to a news bulletin from www.Tibet.net. No details have emerged as to the reason for his arrest as well as the location of his imprisonment.

Since 2008, many protests have occurred in Sertha County. In the last two years, a Chinese crackdown has occurred in the region and unverified reports of police brutality. A few deaths have been reported with no conclusive evidence.

Another Tibetan man Youdrang had also been recently arrested but no information has arisen as to his whereabouts and the charges that he is facing.

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