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22 june 2012 001Dharamshala: On 18th of June, Phelden an accused Tibetan activist was arrested by Chinese security forces in Valwen village in Machu County. He was arrested by authorities who came in four state cars suggesting that he is very much a wanted man.

The family wasn't informed under what charges he was detained. He has been detained in Machu County jail since his arrest.

On 20th of June, his family and friends gathered and decided to approach the authorities to explain why Phelden has been arrested. His family also concerned about his physical condition wished to find out more about the situation. Reports suggest that 20 people went right to the gates of Manchu county jail.

Chinese authorities let five people from the protest party into the detention centre. The accusation made by the Chinese authorities is that Phelden was the leader of the 2008 anti-Chinese protest in Machu County.

The Chinese authorities said that the investigation would take one month. If Phelden was found innocent of the charges he would be released.

Since 2008, the Chinese government has had a warrant to arrest Phelden (34). He had fled Machu four years ago and has been evading capture. He had recently returned home and was subsequently arrested after his whereabouts reached the local Chinese police.

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