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23 june 2012 005Dharamshala: Lobsang Sangay, a monk here in India, explained that on 20th of June when two more young men self-immolated in Tibet, Nagwang Norphel and Tenzin Kedhup, they were surrounded by many people who looked and did not touch them out of respect for their protest.

The people who were there shouted slogans: long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we want freedom for Tibet and how they supported the two men who self-immolated and their demands.

One of the men died instantly at the scene and his body was taken to a local monastery nearby. The second man, was initially taken to hospital were he stayed for a few hours and then afterwards he too was taken to the same monastery by the monks. After approximately one hour the Chinese police arrived at the monastery and they said to the monks that they should hand over the man who was still alive to them for treatment.

Firstly, the monks refused the Chinese police demand, but later the Chinese police talked with the head of the monastery and after lengthy discussions they later handed over the man, two monks decided to go with him to the hospital. The man is now in the army hospital of Xining city looked after by the two monks and three policemen.

After the self-immolation incident a large number of Chinese army personnel arrived in Zathok County and interrogated the relatives of the two men and also the two monks who brought them to the monastery.

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