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Dharamshala:  A source from Tibet said that Tibetan mother, Tenzin Choedon was relapsed and had to be hospitalized in recent weeks due to her high blood pressure, as a direct consequence of acknowledging the two year suspended death penalty to her 22 years old son Kangtsuk by so called people’s Municipal court of Lhasa. As all the possible medical treatment didn’t work, now she is condemned to her death bed.

Because of Kangtsuk ‘s involvement in a series Anti-Chinese government protests, which  broke out in Taktse county in  March of last year , he was arrest by the Chinese authorities and sentenced to death penalty with two years reprieve. Kangtsuk, aged 22, is from Dechen township in Taktse country, Lhasa, Tibetan capital.

Various Human Rights groups and world Tibet supporters condemned in strongest terms the death sentences passed by the Lhasa court. This sentencing clearly highlights the current level of repression in Tibet where state agencies freely abuse the human rights of the Tibetan people with heavy punishments.

In April, a verdict passed by the Lhasa court is the harshest till date since spring 2008 uprising in Tibet. Around 230 Tibetans have so far received varying prison terms between six months to life term for their participation in the spring protest last year. The sentencing of Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak to death sentence, Tenzin Phuntsok and Kangtsuk 22 aged to death sentence with two years reprieve and Dawa Sangpo to life imprisonment term is highly arbitrary and summary in nature which does not meet the minimal international judicial standards.

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