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Dharamshala: - On July 17, 18 year old Tibetan monk, Lobsang Lonzin set himself ablaze in front of Kirti monastery and then walked towards the local Chinese government buildings shouting slogans for a?Free Tibet. Soon after he succumbed to his injuries, monks from the monastery came to take his corpse away.

Although the Chinese authorities have increased their crackdown efforts in Tibet, more Tibetans are setting themselves on fire in protest against the Chinese rule.

That very afternoon Lobsang had a traditional Tibetan water burial at a near-by river. The police from Bharkham County of Amdo region came to the monastery to investigate. However, the local Tibetan people stopped them from entering Kirti monastery. The police thus exercised their drill outside the monastery, on the opposite side of the river.

The local Tibetan shops and restaurants closed up for the day on July 18, in solidarity of the incident. They went to the monastery for a vigil and to offer their prayers for Lobsang’s sacrifice.

On the night of June 26, Lobsang Tsering (21), another monk from Kirti monastery was arrested by Chinese officials.

After the arrest his relatives went to the police station to find out why he was taken away, what his condition was and where was he held? However, the officials refused to provide any answers about his “disappearance”.

Lobsang Tsering became a monk when he was very young. He came from Lota village of lower Ngaba County in Amdo region, eastern Tibet.  He was the son of Tashi Tsering and Chungko.

A 36 year old monk from Kirti monastery named Lodhu was arrested on 20 October 2011. Only recently, at the beginning of July, did his relatives get news that he was held in a prison in Bharkham County of Amdo region. He was sentenced to three years jail time.

At the time of the arrest, his family was not informed about the criminal charges brought against him and the term of his sentence.

Kanyak Tserng and Lobsang Yeshi from Kirti monastery in Dharamshala provided TPI the details of these incidents.

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