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2august2012-003Dharamshala:  According to reports from various media outlets and human rights organizations, another monk from Pu monastery in Serta County, eastern Tibet, a 20 years old named Konchok Gyaltsen, who is also known as Kunchok Kyab, has been arrested and detained by Chinese police in Tibet.


The incident in which he was arrested happened on the 1st of August, approximately 1 PM Tibet time, according the source from inside Tibet.

His protest actions were held at a public park in a town in Serta County and, as a part of his public protest against Chinese actions in Tibet, he threw Longta-a holy paper called "Wind horse" in Tibetan Buddhism which signifies good luck and success. He also shouted the by now well known phrase that His Holiness the Dalai Lama should return to Tibet and that the Panchen Lama should be released from prison. The Panchen Lama has been in prison since he was five years old, now almost twelve years ago.

The monk also shouted that Tibet needs to be free, after some minutes, the local police and army came to the park and beat the monk viciously according to eye reports from local people. They then arrested and detained him in a police station nearby. As of today, the 2nd of August, his whereabouts is not known.

Tibetan people in their homeland Tibet still live with the daily realities of hardship and suppression under China's military invasion since 1959, as well as the threat of imprisonment, torture and disappearances.

Since 27 February 2009, there have been confirmed reports of 46 self-immolations in all three traditional provinces of Tibet. This is the longest string of self-immolations to occur in history. Due to Beijing's harsh repressive policies in Tibet, Tibetans have set themselves ablaze to protest against China's repressive policies, demand freedom in Tibet and call for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from exile.

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