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Dharamshala: - As per local news reports, Lungleb Village and its neighbour Alak in Amdo region of north-eastern Tibet, have been locked in a feud for many years over land. This has resulted in many incidences of bloodshed in the region, with neither side coming out as victors.

Recent generations thus find the need to put an end to the conflict before any more killings take place.

A few years ago, representatives from both villages submitted applications to the local government asking for their intervention to help resolve the conflict. However, the authorities refused to pay heed and did not respond to any of their petitions.

On 3 August 2012, almost 30 people from both villages organized a peaceful demonstration outside the local government offices in Sangchu County.

The protestors slept across the office entrance and held up banners saying, “The government should be concerned about the welfare of its citizens.” However, the officials refused to take notice and help.

They ventured out of their offices, on August 5, to order the people to leave the protest and return home immediately.

The police arrested four of the demonstrators, Bhangde Khar, Yangkyab Dorjee, Konchok Kyab and Kalsang Dorjee, believing them to be the leaders of the protest.

The relatives of the detainees were refused visitation rights by the authorities. They were also not allowed to give the arrested parcels of food and clothing.

On August 6, representatives from both villages continued to protest outside the government office gates. However, they were ordered to abandon the protest and go home.

As local authorities refuses to intervene and help put an end to this conflict, people from both villages express their helplessness in the situation.

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