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22august2012-003 Dharamshala: Following the twin self-immolation of layman Tashi (21) and Kirti monastery’s monk Lungtok (20) on the 13th of August in Ngaba County, eatern Tibet, a protest against the Chinese government ended in a violent crackdown where two demonstrators were beaten brutally and then detained.

The two arrested were identified as Bhongo Kyi (44) and Chechok (48), claimed an undisclosed source.  Both Tibetans suffered serious injuries due to security’s attempt to suppress the protest.  A number of other protesters encountered harsh beatings and later also taken into custody. The whereabouts of these people remains unknown.

Bhongo Kyi has previously objected to the Chinese decision to take 300 Kirti Monastery’s monks to receive “legal education”. She, together with other 200 citizens, camped close to the monastery blocking the road. Shortly, she was imprisoned for a month and afterwards forced
to attend 'legal education' sessions. It is known that Bhongo Kyi comes from Lhade Ghapma village in Ngaba County where she lived with father Yarphel.

Chechok, the other captive, is known to belong to Yangkhotsang family in Jolep Village of Ngaba County.

During the last 63 years of the Chinese occupation of Tibet, many people have protested peacefully against enforced rule. To most of nonviolent demonstrations, protests and self-immolations, Chinese respond with military force. Unfortunately, thousands of people have lost their lives in these clashes which still continue to occur.

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