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25_August_2012_001-Ngaba-TibetDharamshala: Tibet Post International (TPI) recently received reports stating that China has further intensified their crackdown efforts in the already volatile region of Ngaba County (Chinese: Aba). Currently the site of most number of self-immolations in the world, it is located in Amdo region, north-eastern Tibet.

On August 14, Lobsang Sangye, a 30 year old monk from Kirti Monastery, was arbitrarily detained for reasons unknown, said a reliable source to the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD). Lobsang came from Chilgdril County (Chinese: Jiuzi), in Golog (Chinese: Guoluo), Amdo region.

When he was arrested Lobsang was a student of Pharchin class (English: Perfection of Wisdom). He is the son of Mr Rabten and Mrs Yumkho.

On August 17, another detention was reported. A 40 year old monk, Lobsang Konchok, was arrested on unknown charges. He was from Gyatsotang family in Chashang Chukle Gongma Township of Ngaba County.

Lobsang Konchok was pursuing his Karampa degree (equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Tibetan Buddhism) at Kirti Monastery before his sudden arrest. He is the son of Mr Tharten and Mrs Atso.

Both monks were detained by the Public Security Bureau personnel of Ngaba County. Their health condition and whereabouts remain unknown at the moment.

In August this year, security personnel detained two more monks from Kirti Monastery, Lobsang Tenzin and Sangdhue. They were in custody for a week during which they were subjected to prolonged interrogations. Both were released without an explanation for being arrested.

In 1998, Lobsang Tenzin received a three-year sentence in prison for charges that remain a mystery till this day. He was detained again for a month in 2008 when protests broke out in large parts of Tibet.

With the passing of each day, the human rights situation continues to deteriorate inside Tibet. The Chinese government refuses to stand up and take responsibility for safeguarding Tibetan rights. This has resulted in amplified tension and unrest in the region.

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