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27august2012-007Dharamshala: According to reports by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), a nun from Gaden Cheolhing Monastery was arrested on August 25.  

At 8:30 am (Tibetan Time), Shedup Lhamo staged a protest in Kardze County City. She shouted out slogans such as, “Long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama”, “Free Tibet” and “The Dalai Lama Must return to Tibet”. Shedup also distributed pamphlets about the Free Tibet movement. However, the information contained in the pamphlets remains unclear.

She continued the protest for a while, after which she was beaten and then taken into custody by the Chinese police. Shedup Lhamo is currently held at a prison in
Kardze County.

A foreigner was also arrested and sent to
Kardze County prison for taking a photograph of the pamphlets that were distributed by the nun.  

Shedup Lhamo is a 39 year old native of Shangkag Village in
Kardze County. Her father is Tsewang Gyurme and mother’s name is Tsering Phalmo.   

Tibetan news agencies cited another incident of a man being arrested at Nobzur village. Tsegyab was on his way home when he was arrested by the Chinese police on August 12 at 3:00 (Tibetan Time).

27 august2012-002

He was 34 years old and came from Yarlhong Village in Sartha County, Kardze Province.

The police arrested him for allegedly organizing many gatherings for the Free Tibet movement and for passing on information outside the country.

Tsegyab, at the moment is at a detention center in Sartha County. However, it is unclear what physical state he is in.

He is son to Thukyi and the late Guru. He is married to
Yangdho (35) and they have two children, a 16 year old daughter, Dekyi Tso and a 17 year old son named Sonam. Tsegyab works in a restaurant and he is also known to be a tailor.

With instances like these reported, it remains clear that China has no intension of safeguarding Tibetan rights of freedom of speech and association. They intend to sweep everything under the rug and punish anyone that tries to speak up.

China’s intension of thus creating a sense of fear to keep silent, among the Tibetan community, has back fired and instead instilled in them a greater desire to be heard.

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