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2september2012-001Dharamshala: On 28 August, 2012, two Tibetan locals from Ngaba County, Amdho Region were arrested by Chinese police and it remains unclear as to their whereabouts or the reasons of the arrests.

60-year-old Jamyang Chenko, a father of five from Ngaba County was arrested by police officials and reported to "disappear" thereafter. The Tibetan neighbors speculated that the reason for his arrest has to do with him initiating contacts with people outside of Tibet.
On the same day, 23-year-old Tibetan monk from Kirti Monastery named Lobsang Sange was also removed from his home by police personnel. Sange is a relative of a past self-immolator named Lobsang Kalsang, who was from Ngaba County.
Currently, the four entrances of Kirti Monastery are tightly guarded by Chinese police and army. In addition, they even set up houses near the monastery with the intention of guarding the area for a prolong period of time. Local people are worried about the police long-term presence near the monastery even though they are currently not checking everyone who is entering and leaving the place.

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