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sonam-dorjee-2012Dharamshala: - On September 6, 2012, a Tibetan monk was shot dead by Chinese security guard in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, said sources from inside Tibet.

Sonam Dorjee, a 40 year old Buddhist monk from Gaden Monastery died in a hospital in the Lhasa city, central Tibet after a Chinese security guard accidentally open fire at arround 4pm,(Tibet time), on September 2012," the sources said.

The Chinese authirities described the incident as an "accidental shooting," but, Dorjee died in the hospital, after injuring his heart, later his family called by authorities to cover up the death body, the reports said.

Sources stated that some officials from the monastery urged to authorities to hand over the monk's body, however the authorities did not listern them and handed over his body to family members in Maldro Gungkar county a day after the shooting incident.

Sonam Dorjee originally came from Bang-nga town of Gungkar county, Maldro Gungkar, Central Tibet. Jampa, his Father and Kalsang, is mother, both aged 77.

Chinese authorities have given compensation to the family of a Buddhist monk. The authorities strongly warned his family members not to tell others, he has being shot by security guard, but he had died of suffering illness.

However, there is still no clear indication of how this shooting incident was happened in the capital Lhasa, a place which  knowns as one of the most sensitive areas in Tibet.

Chinese shooting at Tibetans in Tibet is not a new case. The incident-- made international headlines when security forces open fire on fleeing Tibetan refugees in 2006, Kelsang Namtso, a 17 years old Buddhist nun was shot dead just before the Nangpa La Pass, border of Tibet and Nepal.

"There have been several incidents in the Hiamalayan nation like 2006, villages to cities, and counties to provinces, even Tibet's borders to India and Nepal, the true concerning situiation in Tibet has been hidden, because the Chinese authorities have thoroughly blocked all means of communication about it," said Nyima T.J, a Tibetan political analyst based in India.

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