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sogthuk shirapDharamshala: -  To maintain its hardline policies toward Tibetans in Tibet, particularly the Tibetan intellectuals and spiritual leaders, the authorities of Chinese totalitarian regime detained a famous Tibetan actor-singer for his films and songs.

Sogtruk Sherab, a Tibetan actor-singer was detained Thursday morning around 7.30am  (Tibet times), Sept. 20, 2012, in Sog county of Amdho Malho region, north-eastern Tibet on charges of allegedly acting and singing for a political purpose.

"Last couple of years,, Sherab sang many songs;...the meaning behind his songs explain about the situation in Tibet, including way of life in Tibet and the pride of being Tibetan," source said.

"Similar to his song, the importance of preserving the Tibetan culture, values of traditional lifestyle, language, and customs have been expressed by his acting careers," it said.

Sherab has acted in many films, including "Yesterday's Tales", a famous film directed and produced by Dodrak in 2008, "Hope Fortune Tellers". a short film on the 2011 direct election of Sikyong (Political Leader) and he played the main role of "The Mist", a film directed and produced by Banshul Sonam Bhumkyab, became very popular in Tibet.

However, in response security forces have further tightened controls and increased arrests across Tibet. No further details about his arrest and whereabouts are available at the moment.

In early May this year, another famous singer of Tibet, Phulchung, who was hiding following reports that the armed Chinese authorities were after him for allegedly breaking national unity through his music was arrested. However, the sources to TPI News said that further whereabouts and the heath condition of the singer remains still unclear since his arrest.

"Tibetans and the Chinese authorities in Tibet have been engaging in a wave of protest and repression that erupted into violent crackdown in recent years, clearly amounts to another crime against humanity. More than fifty Tibetans have separately set themselves on fire to protest against the regime," said Mr. Nyima T.J. a Tibetan political analyst.

"In desperation, the Chinese have been trying to prevent news of the sermons and activities of His Holiness the Dalai lama and exile Tibetans from reaching the Tibetans inside Tibet as well as Chinese in China. The websites including social media networks have been censored and blocked. Mobile, telephone services and other communication tools have been vigorously controlled," Mr. Nyima T.J. further added.

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