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4 october 2012 001Dharamshala: For the past 28 years, Chinese government has been running coal mining operations in Tsetar Village of Kangtsa county in Amdho region of Eastern Tibet.

In addition, they are prohibiting any photos of the mining process as well as local Tibetans from coming near the proximity of the mining areas.

However recently on September 30, Tibetan reporters have received photos of the process, which serve as proofs for the mining itself.

Chinese officials in Chenza County in Amdho Region of Eastern Tibet recently banned Tibetan restaurants, local businesses, and homes from displaying photos of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

On 29 September, 2012, internet sources reported that the people of Chenza county claimed that the officials made an announcement to reward those who will give information about anyone known to discuss issues relating to Tibetan cause or His Holiness. Many believe that this is an attempt to divide the Tibetan community.

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