Tibet: News Tibet 27-year-old Man Dies after Self-Immolation in Amdho: Tibet

27-year-old Man Dies after Self-Immolation in Amdho: Tibet

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20october2012-002Dharamshala: A 27 year old Tibetan man named Lhamo Kyap has self-immolated in Sangchu County, Eastern Tibet on October 20th 2012 at around 2 o’clock (local time) in Bura town (Amdo).

Lhamo, who reportedly died at the scene, is the latest to self-immolate in a wave of protests against Chinese rule. The death of Lhamo marks the fifth case alone within the past month across Tibet.

Reportedly the body of Lhamo was taken by local Tibetans to (Bura) Ngonbo thang Monastery where prayers and respects were offered for him by local Tibetans and monks. His body was then reportedly taken to his home.

The 27 year old layman was married to 29 year old Dorjee Kyi, and leaves behind two daughters, aged 10 and 7 years old. The act of self-immolation by a young married man with a wife and children highlights the measures and suppression Tibetans face in the region against Chinese rule.

Lhamo Kyap is the latest to take to the symbolic form of protest amid a series of self-immolations since 2009 that have now surpassed 56.

Lhachab Jinpa, a Tibetan writer in exile provided the latest information to The Tibet Post International

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