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chinese-military-in-lhasa-tibet-3-14-2008Dharamshala: - Amid further communication blackouts imposed by the People’s Republic of China, reports have emerged of a double self-immolation on Thursday 26th of October, in Nagchu prefecture, Tibet. The news emerges amid a month of escalating protest in the region, which has witnessed the self-immolation of at least 62 Tibetans since 2009.

Two young men; Tsepho aged 20, and Tenzin aged 25, took to the streets of Nagrog Phampa village in Driru County (Nagchu prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region ) eastern Tibet. The two young men self-immolated near a local school in the village, and reportedly shouted slogans of ‘Free Tibet’, and unity for Tibetans as brothers and sisters. It is reported the men also called for a return of exiled spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet; a trend that has emerged for the majority of the self-immolation protests.

Amid a deteriorating situation, draconian blackouts have been enforced in the region by Chinese authorities to prevent Tibetans from sending information regarding protests to the outside world. It has emerged that Tsepho reportedly died after setting himself on fire, though it is not confirmed weather this was Tsepo or Tenzin.

However, it is reported that Tenzin (25) was in India in 2008. The young Tibetanapparently joined Suja School in Bir; Himachal Pradesh (Northern India). He stayed for 6 months to study, and then returned to Tibet.

No photos have emerged from the event. However the news comes after two young men died of separate self-immolations the following day; also in Eastern Tibet.Thupwang Kyab (21) from Sangchu county (Northwest China's Gansu Province) who died after setting himself alight around 8 pm near a local bus stand in the Sertri village of Sangkhok.

In a separate incident, LhamoTseten; father of a two year old daughter, set fire to himself near a hospital in the region the same day (Friday 26th October 2012). Three other Tibetan men have self-immolated in the same county since Saturday, October 20th, pushing the total since 2009 past 62.

The shocking rise in self-immolations this month alone, which have witnessed Tibetans take to the form of protest against Beijing's heavy-handed rule, have been taking place since 2009. The majority of protests demand freedom for Tibetans, as well as the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet. Over 62 Tibetans - including monks, nuns, students and lay people - have set themselves on fire amid a deteriorating situation and escalating forms of self-immolation protest by Tibetans.

The spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has stated he does not encourage the protests, however has praised the courage of those who engage in self-immolation, blaming the "cultural genocide" by Chinese authorities to lead Tibetans to such measures. In return, Chinese authorities have tightened their grip on Tibetans, imposing blackouts on even the most basic forms of communication and arresting those involved in protests with severe penalties and prison sentences.

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