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nagchu-county-eastern-tibetDharamshala: - Three Tibetans have been arrested for allegedly having spread information about two self-immolations in Kham region of eastern Tibet.

Ngawang Tharpa, Dharamshala journalist said that two monks, Thupten Nyedhak, 34, and Tsewang, 24, from Drlldha monastery, in Tridu village, Sok County, Kham, and layman, Phurbu, 27, were arrested by Chinese police after 'many people' stated that the three spread information regarding the self-immolations of Tsepho, 20, and Tenzin, 25, in Nagrog Phampa village, Driru County, Kham, on October 26.

The three are also reported to have distributed fliers calling for a free Tibet.

The source also stated that Tridu is one of five townships comprising Trirula village, and that each township has a police station checking local residents' ID cards, without which no-one can leave their town or village.

The police presence is reported to have significantly increased since the self-immolations.

Their whereabouts and condition remain unknown. Moreover, local Chinese authorities have not given any reason to their family for their arrest.

Source said that armed Chinese military forces and police personels have increasingly deployed heavily in the recent days at the monastery and surrounding areas.

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