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6_November_2012_002Dharamshala: - Two brothers are reported to have been arrested for "promoting the Tibetan language and encouraging nationalism", in east Tibet, on October 28.

President of the Indian-based Dra Sog Dri Sum Association, Ngawang Tharpa, said that Dawa and Lhadruk, sons of the Drotsang family from Meri village, Tsala township in Driru county, Kham region of eastern Tibet, are currently being held at an undisclosed location.

He also stated that the area is currently being held under very tight security by the Chinese military and police.

Their whereabouts and condition remain unknown since their disappearance. Source said that armed Chinese military forces and police personels have deployed heavily and the authorities also have imposed extreme restrictions in all areas of Driru county, particularly in Nagshoe Driru area.

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