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Nyingchag-bumDharamshala: - A Tibetan man has died Monday after setting himself on fire in the latest self-immolation protesting against Chinese rule, and local Tibetans have been questioned by Chinese authorities about the main causes of wave of self-immolations in the region.

Tragic reports have emerged from the region that Nyingkar Tashi, a 24 year old man has died after setting himself alight. "About four hours later, (approximately 7.15pm local time) Nyingchag Bum, a 18-year-old Tibetan man died after setting fire to himself ablaze outside of the Chinese government building in Dhowa Yultso township, Rebkong county, (Chinese: Qinghai province)," the sources stated.

On Monday, two Tibetans died after setting themselves on fire, tragically bringing the number of self-immolation deaths to at-least a dozen last twelve days alone as leadership of the communist regime undergoes a once-a-decade transfer of power. At least 72 using self-immolation as a form of protest since 2009 and 57 of them have lost their lives.

"On Sunday, a Chinese propaganda team arrived in the town from Malho and Thunrin townships, then a public meeting held, a local Tibetan official responded when public were questioned by the authorities about the main cause of the self-immolations," sources said.

"He stunned the crowd by saying "the main reasons for self-immolations are; ban on keeping photographs of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and worshipping him, not allowing His Holiness the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet, continuing imprisonment of the Panchen Lama and no freedom in Tibet," said Mr Dorjee Wangchuk, an official from Norbulingka Institute based in India.

He was quoted as saying, "The main reason of Nyingkar tashi's self-immolation protest, Jiang Shucheng, the highest authority in the district visited Dhowa township recently and ordered local Tibetans to remove photographs of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from their homes."

Before carrying out his self-immolation protest, Nyankar Tashi left a last message. "To the six million Tibetans led by His Holiness Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama; -"Tibet wants freedom, right to preserve Tibetan language, we want Tibet's independence, release of the Panchen Lama from prison and let His Holiness the Dalai Lama return to Tibet," the message reads.

"I am setting myself on fire to protest against Chinese government's rule, my request to the six million tibetans, please keep our own language and traditional customs alive and uphold our unity. in the message, Tashi also appealed to his family members; do not suffer after me and do believe in Dharma," the messaged further reads.

A large number of armed military paramilitary forces have reportedly been deployed near Dowa township, about 100kms from Rebgong county.

"It is no longer news that world leaders are less concerned about the issues of Tibet, when they trek-up the high economic pressures from the communist regime," said said Nyima T.J, a Tibetan political analyst in exile.

"The reality is that issues of Tibet and Arab world are treated differently by the world leaders for different reasons. We can not say that they treated good for Arab, because of democracy and human rights. If they really care about the values of democracy and respect human rights, what they are seeing in Tibet may not be a tragic wave of self-immolations," he furthered.

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