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huangnan perfecture map by ChineseThe soaring music of Mongolian folk singers filled the cavernous temple in the Tibetan exile community, as over 4000 disciples found their seats on the morning of November 21st. Having warmly greeted the guests and led a generous tea offering, His Holiness commenced a focused ceremony for His devoted followers.

The second day of teaching revolved around a session of vows and initiations; having completed the text of the Third Dalai Lama's 'Essence of Refined Gold (Lamrin Sershunma)' the previous day. Vows for the laypeople of the audience were led by the spiritual leader of Tibet. A Mandala offering was given, at which point His Holiness joked to His guests: 'Mongolians normally say and chant this part very loudly; you should also do so here'.

The audience were then led carefully throughout the day to undertake Bodhisattva vows. His Holiness reiterated that those taking the vows 'must be intent on attaining Buddha-hood'.

The initiations included the receiving of traditional red protection cords, which are blessed and worn around the wrist for practitioners. After a short lunch interval, the initiations concluded at 3pm having witnessed His Holiness carefully guide His disciples through the procedure.

Concluding the teachings and vows, the two inspiring days can truly be hailed a success, having witnessed the spiritual leader of Tibet expand the spiritual dimensions of the historical ties with Mongolians; with both traditional and modern methods.

The visit even witnessed His Holiness launch a website in the Mongolian language, which was initiated during His visit to Mongolia in 2011. The website forms a platform for Mongolians to read about His Holiness the Dalai Lama's teachings on Buddhism, as well as human values, the environment and science. Regarding the new website and progress, He stated

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