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26November2012-003Dharamsala: On November 26 at around 6am Tibet time, over 1,000 students from the medical school in Chabcha village,Serchen County, Tsolho region, Amdo, eastern Tibet, held a demonstration in protest against China's oppressive policies in Tibet.

Mogru Tenpa, member of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile, reported for The Tibet Post International that the demonstrators called for equality and freedom amongst all ethnic groups in the People's Republic, and a reconstituted government.

Two hours into the protest, Chinese police arrived and began to beat the students, 14 of whom were injured and four of whom were taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

Police surrounded the medical school, trapping the students in the grounds and refusing the students' families permission to enter.

A latest video footage posted by the RFA Mandarin section, shows that over thousand of Tibetan students who participated in the protesting against Chinese repressive policies in Tibet; demanding  “equality of ethnicities, freedom of language, human rights and other fundamental freedoms."

Mobile phone and internet connections are currently restricted in Chabcha village. The parents could not contact their children as the security forces have sealed off the school.

One source from inside Tibet has reported that police fired guns during the protest but it is unclear whether any students were hit.

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