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Prayer-ceremony-nov-30-2012.jpgDharamshala: — Today, November 30, yet another Tibetan man set himself on fire in protest against Chinese rule in Tibet. Continuing with their self-immolation protests against Chinese repression in Tibet, at least 90 people have set themselves alight in China protest since 2009.

"Konchok Kyab, a 29-year old Tibetan man set himself on fire in protest against the Chinese government at the gate of a petrol-pump in Akyid township of Dzoge county, north-eastern Tibet, at around 9am morning (local time) today (30 November)," Ven Lobsang Yeshi and Kanyak Tsering from Kirti Monastery in Dharamshala, India told The Tibet Post International.

"The Chinese security personnel immediately arrived at the scene, quickly extinguished the flames and took him to Barkham township, the central of Ngaba. According to the Kirti monks in exile, it is unclear whether he is still alive.

"Some young Tibetans followed the Chinese security personnel, who took Konchok away. At around 9pm local time, the young boys still not returned home," said the sources inside Tibet, their well-being and whereabouts are currently unknown.

Konchok Kyab became the 28th this month alone to set himself ablaze in protest against Chinese repressive rule and failed policies in Tibet.

His family included his father Phuntsok, his mother Lobsang, his wife Pema Kyi 26, two childen - elder, aged nine, and younger, aged six and he also has one brother and two sisters.

Sources state that the situation is becoming tense in the evening, as a large number of local Tibetans are gathering in the township, where Konchok set on fire, planning to call for release of Konchok and the young boys.

The Central Tibetan Administration organised a prayer service at Tsuglagkhang, the main temple, on Friday, 30 November 2012, at 4:00 PM, to mourn and express solidarity with those Tibetans who have self-immolated for the cause of Tibet.

In his brief address, Tibetan religious minister Mr Pema Chhinjor said its the responsibility of the Tibetans in exile to make the international community aware about the suffering and aspirations of the Tibetans who have bravely sacrificed their lives for the cause of Tibet.

Mr Chhinjor said the "Tibetans in exile recognise and understand the importance of their voices under the Chinese regime's suppression," demanding the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and Freedom in Tibet.

The minister said, exile Tibetan community must show solidarity with Tibetan people inside Tibet. "Even after this official prayer service. We never forget all the brave martyr of Tibet, who sacrificed heir precious human life for the freedom of Tibetan people and world at large.," he added.

 At least 90 people have set themselves on fire since the self-immolations began in 2009 and 74 of them have died. Most self-immolators were lay and the younger generation of Tibetans in recent months, who are speaking up against the Chinese regime's rule in Tibet, called for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from exile and freedom in Tibet.

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