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17 December 2012 001Dharamshala: A Tibetan nun has been sentenced to three years in prison for her alleged role in political activities.

A Tibetan source reported that Chemey, from Lamdrag nunnery in Karze, Kham, eastern Tibet, was among a number of Tibetans arrested during the Chinese government's crackdown following protests in the region in 2010. It was reported that local Tibetans were detained regardless of whether or not they had taken part in the demonstrations.

It is not known under what charge the nun was sentenced or where she has been detained. The source also stated that the Chinese authorities did not inform Chemey's family of her arrest until a year after she went missing.

In a separate incident, Chinese police arrested seven Tibetan monks from Dokar monastery, in Tsoe, Amdho, northeastern Tibet, for allegedly inciting the self-immolation of Sangay Gyatso, who set himself alight protesting Chinese rule in his country on October 6.

The arrested monks included Kalsang Gyatso, 30, Tashi Gyatso , 24 and Gonpo Tashi, 31.

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