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solidarity-prayer-in-tibet-305Dharamshala:-From December 7th-9th, four to five thousand people in Lugyal Village, of Chentsa County, in the Amdo region of northeastern Tibet, held prayer ceremonies in various prayer houses throughout the village. They had prayed for all Tibetan self-immolators who died calling for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet. In addition, they had prayed for the Tibetan religion, culture, and identity, as they gathered.

These prayer ceremonies were attended by various people in the region, as well as Lhada Rinpoche, a prominent lama in the area.

A source inside Tibet explained that before the ceremonies had begun, Chines authorities announced that such pray ceremonies were forbidden ,however, the Tibetans of Lugyval village continued to hold their ceremony for three days.

Other villages in the Chentsa county have held similar prayer ceremonies previously and have been met with strong disapproval from Chinese authorities.

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