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18august20093Dharamshala: The local authorities of Nyemo County in Lhasa Municipality confirmed the names of three Tibetans who were killed during the Chinese government's violent crackdown on peaceful Tibetan protesters on 14 March 2008.

The authorities revealed the identities of the three Tibetans following an inquiry by a couple about the whereabouts of their sons.

The three Tibetans from Nyemo County were identified as Gyaltsen, aged 28, from Yakde village; Phuntsok Tsering, aged 20, from Yakde Lude and Mingyur, aged 20, Yakde Khangsar. All of them were doing petty jobs in Lhasa to earn their livelihoods.

Many Tibetans were killed on 14 March 2008 when the Chinese security forces indiscriminately fired at peaceful Tibetan protesters. Many of those arrested continue to receive arbitrary and harsh prison terms. A large number of youths from neighbouring counties, who were working in Lhasa, have simply disappeared following the security clamp down.

Worried parents are making frantic searches in prisons about the whereabouts of their sons and daughters.

Moreover, 46-year-old Shayshay from Bathang County was shot dead during the crackdown in Lhasa in March 2008. He is survived by his wife and four children.

Shayshay, who came to Lhasa with his mother and wife for pilgrimage, joined the peaceful demonstration on 14 March. Gunshots from a Chinese armoured vehicle killed him as he was marching along with other Tibetan protesters from Ramoche towards the general post office. His body was not returned to the family members.

According to the information received by the Central Tibetan Administration, as of 31 January 2009, about 220 Tibetans died and over 1,294 were seriously injured during the crackdown. Over 5,600 were arrested, 290 sentenced and more than 1,000 have simply disappeared.

Chinese authorities fabricate evidence of outside support for protests in Ngaba, eastern Tibet:

The Tibetans living in counties under Ngaba Tibet Autonomous Prefecture such as Dzoge, Ngapa, Kakhog and Barkham are being falsely implicated for instigating protests in their localities last year.

Especially those Tibetans, who had either gone away from their homes for businesses or pilgrimage before and during the time protests, are now being constantly harassed and interrogated by the Chinese authorities. They are questioned about their contacts with relatives and friends living overseas. Those who possess teachings and pictures of Kyabje Kirti Rinpoche are being blamed without valid reasons and their personal belongings confiscated.

The authorities have also announced monetary reward for those who would provide evidence of outside instigation, as the Chinese government aims to put the blame of last year's peaceful protests on Tibetans living outside Tibet.

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