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buddhistmonkwithbanner-2013Dharamshala: - The communist regime in Beijing arrests 70 Tibetan in eastern Tibet as it steps up efforts to crackdown on Tibetans in self-immolation protests at Chinese repressive rule in the Himalayan region.

The regime claims it has detained 70 Tibetan in Tibet as it cracks down on self-immolation protests against Chinese rule in eastern where nearly 100 Tibetans have burned themselves to death in public since 2009 to protest against what they see as brutal Chinese rule.

Chinese government has stepped up its efforts to crackdown on Tibetans in eastern Tibet under its hardline policy, to blame the spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibetan community in exile, for the protests, in which nearly 100 Tibetan monks, nuns and lay people have burned themselves on fire since 2009.

The harsh measures are a sign new Chinese leaders installed in November are not easing up on Tibet despite international condemnation. The protesters are calling for Beijing to allow greater religious freedom and the return from exile of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who lives in India.

The latest detentions took place in Tsongon, Amdho region of Tibet, (Chinese: an ethnic Tibetan area of Qinghai province), which borders the so called Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR created in 1965), the government's propaganda Xinhua news agency announced late on Thursday. It said 12 of those detained were formally arrested but gave no details of the charges.

Beijing has responded to the protests by sending in security forces to seal off areas and prevent information from getting out, arresting protesters' friends and seizing satellite TV dishes. Despite that, the pace of self-immolations accelerated in November as the ruling Communist party held a leadership transition.

As usual for Chinese leaders and authorities of regime in China, Beijing has repeatedly blamed the burnings on hostile foreign forces that want to separate Tibet from China.

The Central Tibetan Administration based in Dharamshala says the Chinese leadership solely responsible for the growing unrest and deteriorating situation in Tibet. It believe the world cannot remain a silent witness to this growing tragedy in Tibet.

Responsibility and solution to end self-Immolations lie with China. "The responsibility for the tragic self-immolations of Tibetans lies solely with the Chinese government," Dr Lobsang Sangay the the political leader of Tibet said his administration highly discourages the drastic action, but the world needs to focus on the cause behind the act, not just the act itself.

More than half a century after Tibet's occupation, the Tibetan peaceful resistance against regime's rule has grown and intensified, with mass protests sweeping the Tibetan plateau in 2008. Once again, the whole world witnessed another tragedy, the massive wave of self-immolation protests against Chinese oppression in the region, Tibetans who have self-immolated are mostly younger than 25 and have grown up under Chinese rule.

The burnings have galvanised many Tibetans, who see them as selfless acts of sacrifice, making it hard for authorities to denounce the self-immolators.

The US state department has expressed concern about the "deteriorating human rights situation" in Tibet and the use of criminal laws against people associated with protesters.

"Our concern is that there are deep grievances within the Tibetan population which are not being addressed openly and through dialogue by the Chinese government," said a department spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland.

Nuland said Washington urged Beijing to "engage in a substantive dialogue" with the Dalai Lama. "We continue to call on Chinese government officials to permit Tibetans to express their grievances freely, publicly and peacefully, without fear of retribution," she said.

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