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22august20091Dharamshala: According to a source from Tibet, on June 27, Tibetans from Joda county of eastern Tibet (Kham province), began staging peaceful protests opposing the Chinese government, and many of these protesters have now been locked up in Kyabche monastery and brutally tortured by Chinese authorities.

Of the Tibetan protesters, five were moved to Jodho county prison, and Gonpo Dhargye and Norlha were charged as serious criminal offenders.

On 20th August, Gonpo Dhargye's wife, Wo Yag, aged 42, went to the Chinese police station in Jodha county with her five children, to make a tearful plea for his release. They implored that they have been suffering greatly in the absence of the family's head and breadwinner, who has been held by the Chinese for 2 months. They even said that they would starve to death if the Chinese authorities don't release Gonpo Dhargye soon. In response to this, the Chinese policemen reportedly said the policeman said, "Don't cry, we will decide soon", leaving the mother and children to cry in front of the station.

Gonpo Dhargye was already in delicate health, and his eldest son, only 11 years old, is very depressed about his father's imprisonment.

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