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School-at-Golok-Toe-NyakchuKhaDharamshala: - A Tibetan language teacher has been expelled from primary education Chinese government school in Upper Golok village, Jetsuk Township, Nyakchuka County in the Kham region of eastern Tibet.

Gylatsen worked as a teacher of the Tibetan language in the school, where around 60 students were taught Tibetan, Chinese and mathematics.

Many of the children had to walk many miles to get home for lunch; thereby they had to take a long lunch-break from 12pm until 2.30pm. Gyaltsen tried to solve this problem, by collecting money to pay for a school lunch for the children.

A Chinese college graduate became a sponsor for the school; however Gyaltsen told the school administrators that their benefactor was a foreigner. .When they found out the truth, he was expelled with no specific reason given as for his expulsion.

Gyaltsen, who is now in exile in India, said that he had been warned many times by Chinese authorities for teaching politics to the school children.

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