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jachung-2Dharamshala: - Reports from Tibet state that Phakmo Dhondup, a native of Bayan township, Tso-ngon, Amdho, North-eastern Tibet (Qinghai province) has died after self immolating in the Jachung monastery, in an apparent protest against the actions of the Chinese regime in Tibet.

According to sources, "Chinese troops have surrounded the house of the deceased" and "prevented monks and villagers from entering, threatening anyone who did with 15 years imprisonment".

Further reports state that "30- 40 Chinese troops were immediately deployed near the monastery", and that "settlements are being built for a permanent military base in the region".

The Chinese authorities maintain that the action was a result of physical disabilities that the man suffered and were unrelated to events in Tibet.

However, reports state that his "parents were forced to give thumb imprints by the local authorities in documents to confirm that he suffered from disabilities".

Further action is being taken with reports of "monks having their mobile phones checked". The Government has further threatened to stop supporting and funding local regions.

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