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13thjune201101HDharamshala: - Chinese authorities in eastern Tibet recently released two Tibetan Buddhist nuns and another Tibetan woman who were imprisoned for two years for their alleged participation in protests against Chinese repressive rule.

"Sources told US The Tibet Post International that the three women namely Riga, Shoga and Tsewang Dolma were released on June 10, 2013, after they completed two year prison terms.

Tsewang Dolma, a Tibetan woman was also released recently, but sources say she was arrested in Karze county, eastern Tibet by Chinese authorities on June 8, 2011.

Detail of the Tibetan women, including his age, reason for her sentence, and the date of her sentencing were not available.

Five Buddhist nuns from Karze, Kham region of eastern Tibet; Ringa 20, Shoga (age unknown), Yangkyi Dolma, 33, Jampa Lhatso, 25, and Sonam Yangchen, 28, were arrested after staging a peaceful protest on June 10, 2011.

Three of the five Buddhist nuns; Yangkyi Dolma, Jampa Lhatso, and Sonam Yangchen, who were arrested by Chinese authorities during the demonstration remains unknown.

The nuns threw leaflets in the air and shouted slogans demanding the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and freedom for Tibetans, in Karze county (Ganzi, the capital of Ganzi county in Sichuan Province, China), Kham region of eastern Tibet.

The protestors were then severely beaten by police and later detained, the two nuns are from the Lamdrak nunnery and a monk from the Karze monastery protested in front of a police station in downtown Karze.

Sources stated that the two nuns were escorted home by Chinese police to avoid a public welcome. However, local residents came to their home to show their solidarity and appreciation for the sacrifices they had made.

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