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China-Tibet internet policies 2013China announced the completion and stringent implementation of an internet and phone monitoring program in Tibet, which requires users to register under their real identities.

According to the state controlled media, Xinhua News Agency, more than 4 million Internet, fixed telephone line, and mobile phone users have to register under their real names.

The State media, in a statement announced that China has completed a monitoring scheme in Tibet that requires all telephone and internet users to register under their real names as part of a campaign to crack down on what officials describe as rumours.

For years, all Tibetan activities, even the smallest and most insignificant ones have been watched over by Chinese authorities, which Beijing says the Dalai Lama is responsible for.

In their defence, China says that their region has suffered from poverty and long periods of exploitation and economic stagnation until 1950 when the communist troops finally liberated it.

Nyima Dojee, a government official said, in a report that the scheme "is conducive to protecting citizens' personal information and curbing the spread of detrimental information".

The growing popularity of the internet and mobile phones has "brought about social problems, including the rampant circulation of online rumours, pornography and spam messages", another official, Dai Jianguo, said. "The real-name registration will help resolve these problems while benefiting the long-term, sound development of the internet," Dai added.

In 2012, Chinese government passed a law mandating the use of real names to register for internet services and internet users across China were forced to use Weibo microblogging platform to register with their real names.

At the outset of the 1959 Tibetan uprising the Dalai Lama and his retinue fled Tibet crossing into India on 30 March 1959. He has firmly denied Beijing's accusations of instigating violence in Tibet.