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09september20095Dharamshala: Three Tibetan ex-political prisoners, not involved in recent protests according to official Tibetan media, have been re-sentenced by the Peoples' intermediate court of Lhasa for secretly providing information to contacts outside Tibet, with the intention of compromising national security. Wangdu, Phuntsok Dorjee, and Tsewang Dorjee, whose sentences range from eight years to life in prison, had been living and working in Lhasa for the past year when they were rearrested at their homes by Lhasa secret police without warrant, and re-sentenced in October 2008.

Wangdu, 39, a monk of Jokhang temple in Lhasa, was originally arrested on March 13, 1989 and sentenced to three years in a secret prison for participating in a peaceful demonstration. For his participation in a 1991 prison protest of the celebration marking the 40th anniversary of China's "liberation" of Chamdo 09september20094County, Wangdu's sentence was extended by four years, and he was subsequently relocated to Drachi Prison. Having served his term, Wangdu was released in July of 1997 and had been employed in HIV prevention services until his arrest last March 14 on suspicion of providing anti-government information to contacts abroad. His political rights revoked for life, he is currently serving a life sentence in prison. To this day, further details of Wangdu's imprisonment and his whereabouts remain unknown, making visitation by his family impossible.

Phuntsok Dorjee, 40, recently employed at Snow-land Hotel in Lhasa, was originally arrested in 1989 on unknown political charges. Though sentenced to ten years at Drabchi Prison, his work there as a cook merited him a two year sentence reduction. On March 10, 2008, Dorjee was rearrested at his home by Lhasa secret police on charges similar to Wangdu. The People's Intermediate Court 09september20093has revoked his political rights for five years and sentenced him to nine years in prison, which he currently serves. As the prison's location is undisclosed, Dorjee's family is unable to visit him.

Having served three years in a secret prison for his participation in 1989 political demonstrations, Tsewang Dorjee, 40, an artist from Pasho County specializing in Tangka painting, had been living near the Tsemonling Monastery when he was rearrested in March of last year. His political rights revoked for five years, Dorjee is currently serving an eight year sentence for suspicion of the aforementioned crime. His whereabouts also unknown, Dorjee's family is unable to visit him.

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