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Dharamshala: - One of the biggest achievements ever accomplished in Tibetan exile world is the completion of the Dalai Lama College for higher studies in Bangalore.
This year will see the highest number of students enrolling in the Bangalorean Dalai Lama College after completing their plus two in TCV. Almost 90% students are directly depending on TCV scholarship and foreign sponsorship assistance. To them TCV is like the back bone and DNA in their education journey.

Till now, tens and thousands of Tibetan students have graduated from TCV, somehow and somewhere, yet there is no concrete result of their achievements in various fields. The key factor is lack of scholarships and investment insufficiency for their higher studies in colleges and universities. According to the enrolment records of Tibetan students in college, there are almost 40% students enrolling in college, 30% travel to foreign countries, 20% choose to go manual work and 20% to normal works like small scale business including working in restaurants. It is really hard for Tibetan students to enrol in a professional line of work except those from a financially stable family background.

When the Bangalorean Dalai Lama institution was successfully affiliated to Mysore University, the TCV scholarship pattern was also changed, for those scoring above 75% marks. All students with a score lower than that must mandatorily go to the Dalai Lama institution without any choice. The Bangalore institution is like new born baby now, crawling on the ground. There are galaxy stars of reality and rumours burning like volcano in the exile-Tibetan society especially in the school.
There is ocean of truth regarding the establishment of the Bangalorean Dalai Lama institution, whose mission and vision is extensive and intensive in nurturing youngsters under an education system that is based on both modern and traditional moral ethics. Within Tibet itself, there are a few minority Tibetan universities which are completely monopolized by Chinese guidance. TCV authorities headed by Mrs. Jetsun Pema have a comprehensive vision to materialize the present college into an exemplary Tibetan university in near future.

The recent prestigious Sikyong Award to Tenzin Choekyi is the manifestation of academic excellence and positive change of the new generation's pragmatic action which has surely blossomed Sikyong's heart into happiness as he had already promised producing one thousand prolific and qualified Tibetans within ten years. Whether such a big dream will translate into reality or not does not lie in the hands of Sikyong but rather in the students, who are currently in colleges and universities as well as in higher secondary school.

In a nutshell, the new institution and the Sikyong Award is a wake up call and inspirational approach to the Tibetan new generation that time has come to do something extraordinary in academics. It's a turning point for Tibet that faces issues such as political instability, genocide, human rights violation, torturing and imprisonment the common masses.?
The continuous wave of self immolation has already recorded the world history but still then hard line policy of China has not deferred. Therefore, we, the Tibetan youngsters are our most precious human resource and an asset to our nation.

We are the future of Tibet; the ultimate builder of new nation.

Written by Dawa Tsering, Class 12th section-A,
TCV School Gopalpur.

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