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Shakrong-tibet-2013Dharamshala: - Reports are emerging that the Chinese military appeared this week to be preparing for a major crackdown on Tibetans after a Tibetan monastery closure in Kham region of eastern Tibet.

"On August 3, over two hundred military forces were deployed near Gaden Dhargyeling Monastery in Shak Rongpo in Nagchu county in Kham region of eastern Tibet," sources told The Tibet Post International, (TPI), citing sources in the region.

Eyewitnesses who saw around 20 twenty military trucks heading towards the monastery, seems preparing a major crackdown. Local Tibetans now facing a heavy restrictions and repression imposed by the communist regime.

"The Chinese military forces with medical teams have put up tents near the monastery, are ready to crackdown on Tibetans," Ngawang Tharpa, a Tibetan originally from the same region and currently living in northern Indian hill town of Dharamshala told TPI.

According to the source, the monastery was forcibly shut down by Chinese authorities on July 30 this year, over its alleged links with the spiritual leader of Tibet His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The local Tibetans are currently barred from the monastery to perform any religious activities. Sources to TPI said, "the increase the military deployment is a strict warning against Tibetans, come just a few days ahead of an annual traditional horse-racing festival."

"The local authorities also are forcing Tibetans to celebrate the festival. Around 50 Tibetans were invited to perform their traditional dances and songs for the events during upcoming festival week," Tharpa told TPI.

"They however requested the authorities to cancel their performances by expressing their deep regrets over the closure of the monastery. But, Tibetan performers have been told that they regarded not celebrating festival as an act of political activism," he added.

"The situation remained extremely tense in Shak Rongpo in Nagchu county and surrounding areas, following the closure of monastery in reaction to a new crackdown on monks." According to the sources, many monks were already expelled from the monastery after the local authorities increased restrictions on religious.

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