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Dharamshala: According to a source from Tibet, several Tibetan people were tortured by the Chinese armed police and troops, when a Tibetan national flag was raised at a public gathering in Nangchen County eastern Tibet on 16th of September 2009.

A few days ago the Chinese government planned to give some generators to Tsechu monastery, Kyodrak monastery, Palme monastery and Gonshab monastery. When it was discovered that some of the generators were missing, two monks informed the county office about this but did not receive an adequate response. It resulted in an argument and the two monks were arrested by the government.

The four monasteries demanded the release of the monks. The community can not tolerate the situation where the monks are not released. For some days there was no response from the local Chinese authorities.

Yesterday many famous Tibetan singers were invited to Palme monastery of Nangchen County were many people had gathered. Some people protested against the arrest and one of them climbed on a tree and raised the Tibetan flag in the afternoon at 5 o' clock.

The person who raised the Tibetan flag was helped by a monk who arranged his escape on a motorbike immediately after the incident. The other protesters disappeared into the crowd.

Four students from a local middle school were tortured by the Chinese police for taking photographs of the incident. Chinese police and soldiers surrounded the crowd.

On the afternoon many Chinese armed troops came from Yushul County to look for people who had participated in the protest. Security was tightened on every street in the area. There is no information on how many people have been arrested so far.

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