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29september20092Dharamshala: This morning, the occupying Chinese army in Tibet conducted the second of two anti-terror drills in the past week to safeguard against a "criminal gang" plotting a large scale explosion in Tibetan capital Lhasa. Officials said that holding such simulated attacks would enhance police and military personnel's ability to handle emergencies and bolster their determination and self-confidence, effectively maintaining social stability in the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

As China prepares for the 60th anniversary of The People's Republic, ensuring national unity and the reunification of the motherland is a top priority, officials claim.

According to Global Post news updated on 29 September, "Armed military details are stationed at every street corner 24/7, six-troop patrols march up and down the lanes of the old town in synchronized step, and watchmen stand sentry on rooftops adjacent to all sensitive zones like the Ramoche and Jokhang temples, two of the most sacred sites in Lhasa city as well as the focal points for past protests."

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