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Tibet-Overiew-of-PrionsZurich, March 25, 2013: In a daring show of solidarity, friends of Dhondup Wangchen inside Tibet displayed origami birds of freedom in front of the prison in Xining where the filmmaker is being held.

The photo shows an installation of "freedom birds" along with a hand drawn banner saying "Thank You" to supporters of Dhondup Wangchen around the world for taking action for his safe return. The photo may document the first action ever in front of a prison or labour camp where Tibetan political prisoners are being held.

A Global Day of Action was held for Dhondup Wangchen's safe return on March 22, 2014 and supporters in countries as diverse as Brazil, Belgium, USA, India and Switzerland folded and distributed origami birds of freedom in public. These awareness raising solidarity acts highlighted Dhondup Wangchen's last few months of unjust imprisonment.

"These stunning photos from Tibet are very touching" said Gyaljong Tsetrin, founder of Filming for Tibet and cousin of Dhondup Wangchen. "The photos show that not only that Dhondup Wangchen is not forgotten but that the efforts and actions of people of conscience all over the world are being noticed and appreciated inside Tibet with deepest gratitude."

Dhondup Wangchen was arrested on March 26, 2008. In our view, his six year sentence should end today, March 25, 2014. The judge however has postponed it to June 5, 2014, for unknown reasons.

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