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Tibet-Language-2014Dharamshala: - A discouraged community gathering has been held in order to study the Tibetan language and religion, even though, the fear of Chinese opposition lingers. The classes are being taught by local monks and nuns.

However, Chinese officials in Kardze, (Chinese: Ganzi) county plan to 'impose restrictions' as they view to program with suspicion, the US based RFA has reported.

Tibetans have long fought to put a stop to their diminishing culture of religious, cultural and linguistic traditions, and language rights have become a particular focus of Tibetan efforts in order to re assert their national identity.

The monks and nuns teaching have returned after studying in India, "the program has become very popular in the community, and on special auspicious days the students have participated in religious debates," sources added.

County officials concerned with the growth in popularity of the classes have now held meetings with local town and village leaders, "warning those present that they should be aware of such large gatherings," the source told the RFA.

"Local leaders were further told to discourage such gatherings if possible, as they might turn unruly," he said. "However, the response of local Tibetans to these classes has been very good, and it will be difficult for the authorities to stop them."

Throughout the year Chinese authorities have demonstrated their crackdown on Tibetan culture as schools have been closed, as well as blocking a traditional Tibetan language competition. These all contribute to the loss of Tibetan culture, something that Tibetan people will not allow to slip away easily.

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