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Tibet-Sog-County-Kham-2014Dharamshala: - Sources coming out of Tibet say, Chinese authorities have arrested three Tibetans from Sog County, Kham region of Eastern Tibet for unknown reasons.

'Gyalten Phelgye, 29 (Monk) and Gedhi (Nun), 52 both from the Gartsa family, and Choedak, 49 of the Atso family, were taken into custody on Wednesday morning, 9 July in Rongpo Township in (Chinese: Naqu prefecture's Suo, Nagchu) Sog county, eastern Tibet,' a Tibetan living in exile told The Tibet Post International.

"In the early morning of this day, a bunch of Chinese police led by Sangye Tashi arrived at the town and the three were taken away from village No. 13. The current whereabouts and reasons for their arrest still remains unknown," Ngawang Tharpa said, citing local sources.

According to the sources, "a relative from the Gartsa family with some food and clothes went to inquire about the conditions of Tibetans who are detained by the Chinese authorities has also been arrested when he arrived in Sog County."

Tharpa said that "despite pleas from family members, no information has been given to families of their arrests. "Many Chinese police are now stationed at the Rongpo town and people traveling on this streets are thoroughly searched."

Although the reason for their arrests was not given, many people in this county were arrested under suspicion of contacting Tibetans in exile and sharing information to outside world.

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