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16october20092A source from Tibet said on October 1st, three young Tibetan adults were arrested by Chinese police in Sogdzong County, eastern Tibet. Gyaltsen, aged 25, Nyima Wangchuk, 24, and Yeshe Namkha, 25 - all residents of Dara village - were taken to Nagchu county and have not been heard from since. Police have refused the arrestees' families any contact with them.

An anonymous source from Tibet told us he suspects that police had been monitoring Gyaltsen, Wanchuk and Namkha's internet activities and QQ (messenger service) accounts, through which they shared photographs of and speeches by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Our source also said the police had accused the three of being in communication with individuals outside of China.

He continued that farmers and nomads from Sogdzong County are finding it impossible to carry out their work at present, because government officials require them to attend 'patriotic' meetings every day, at which the virtues of the Chinese government are extolled. Further, villagers visiting Sogdzong County town face police harassment, with ID and security checks.

Our  source also reported that police banned monks from Sog Tsandan Monastery from celebrating the post-summer retreat holiday this year. Armed Chinese police detained the monks for a meeting with Chinese officials and did not allow them to visit their families, as is customary.

summer retreat is observed by monks over the summer months, during which time they remain inside their monastery to avoid harming the many insects that emerge during the season.

News report provided by Mr Ngawang Tharpa and English translation from Tibetan made by The Tibet Post

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