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Tibet-Sershul-County-China-2014Dharamshala: --  Chinese police opened fire on a crowd of Tibetan protesters in Sershul county, eastern Tibet.  Source says at least two people have died, 25 others were detained and a number of those wounded were suffering without having proper medical treatment.

Nearly a week after the incident, 'many of those who detained still suffering from wounds as bullets remain embedded in their bodies and they are reportedly denied medical treatment while in Chinese custody," Ven Chamra Drimey Gyaltsen, an exiled Tibetan monk currently living in India told the Tibet Post International (TPI).

The situation has become more tense in Sershul area, traditionally known as an area of Dege County in Kham Region, "as one of detained Tibetans who was seriously injured committed suicide on Sunday, 17 August in protest against the "torture" systematically practiced by the Chinese while another died as the result of severe gunshot injuries," Ven Gyaltsen said.

Chinese paramilitary forces opened fire and detained dozens of Tibetan protesters as they severely crackdown a crowd protesting against the arrest of Wangdak, a respected Tibetan leader in Shopa village in the county. He was taken away from his home after he complained to the local Chinese authorities about the harassment of Tibetan women by senior Chinese officials at a cultural performance during their visit to the county.

"Lo Palsang from Shukpa village, one of the protesters who was seriously injured reportedly killed himself in a Chinese detention on Sunday (17 August), in protest against the torture by Chinese police, while another Tibetan, a 24-year-old man died on the same day as a result of his injuries," Ven Gyaltsen told TPI, citing local sources (dated 17-18 August).

"Yet several Tibetans, including Kunga Sherab, the son of Wangdak who still suffer gunshot wounds to their heads and torsos and are still unattended nearly a week after police opened fire to disperse the crowd," he added, saying 'they were mistreated and denied any further medical attention.'

Sherab and several others remain in critical conditions as they have been left with  bullets in their bodies for six-days. Among those arrested was Ven Karma Rinchen, senior monk of the Miru monastery. His condition is not yet known.

According to sources 'the detention center in Loshuk (Chinese: Luoxu) had already reached its maximum capacity and a large number of detainees had to be kept at a hospital.' "Some were given medical care at the hospital initially and have now been brought back to the center," he further added.

Sources said "there, Chinese authorities forcibly shaved the heads of every man in an effort to negate or erase their traditional identity.  Their family members and friends are not allowed to visit or see them since their arrest nearly a week ago."

The twenty five detained Tibetans (mostly men) were identified as Lobsang Palsang, Pema Gyalpo, Yonten Kyab, Taga, Kunga Tashi, Dawa Tashi, Karma Tashi, Tashi Gonpo, Kunga Sherab, Yeshe, Jamyang Sonam, Tashi, Tsering, Gyaluk, Thupten Choephel, Lakyab, Wangchen, Bhumo, Tsogyal, Pugyal, Yangchen Lhamo, Tsekyan Wangmo, Yeshe Donma, Yangchen palmo, and Karma Rinchen.

The latest attack has received wide media coverage around the world, and Tibetans in exile and supporters across the world strongly condemned China for its systematic violation of the Tibetan people's human rights.

As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reportedly enjoyed Xi's warm hospitality in China, Tibetans and supporters gathered outside the UN in New York demanding justice and release of the respected Tibetan men. Instead of speaking out against the recent violations of human rights, Ban Ki-moon chose to be silent and his silence grows deeper.

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