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Tibet-Dhanma-Protest-2014-101Dharamshala: - Reports emerging that three more Tibetans have allegedly been tortured to death by the Chinese police in Loshuk County (Chinese: Luoxu County, Ganzi), eastern Tibet.

"The three Tibetans who died as the result of severe gunshot injuries, severe torture and beatings they have been exposed to during their detention," sources said.

They were relatives of Wangdak, his uncle Tsewang Gonpo, 60, brother, Yeshe 42, and his brother-in-law, Jinpa Tharchin, 18. All died as a result of their gun wound injuries and severe police torture. Their bodies were returned to Wangdak's family on 18 August," Ven Gyaltsen told TPI, citing local sources.

Sources told TPI on Tuesday that Chinese police beat and tortured them and and denied medical treatment in the detention," Ven Gyaltsen said.

The exact number of people injured and arrested in the Chinese police firing on a crowd of Tibetan protestors is still unknown.

'The local leader initially had been accused in organising events "illegally", including an offering of incense burning and horse racing festival in his township without government approval,' he said.

According to sources, 'local authorities organised a twonship meeting on 18 August where only a few villagers attended. They again ordered locals to attend another meeting on next day, warned that those, who do not follow the decree.'

"The Chinese authorities now have accused him of looting public property. They held the meeting with local Tibetans in the Loshuk township on Tuesday. Locals were told that Wangdak was arrested on corruption charges," sources said.

A 24-year-old Tibetan died on Sunday as a result of his injuries and another man Lo Palsang killed himself on the same day.

Over 25 Tibetans, including their leader Wangdak are still under Chinese police custody and many of them still suffering from their wounds.

Tibetans in exile and supporters across the world strongly condemned China for its systematic violation of the Tibetan people's basic human rights.

following the Chinese police shooting on a crowd protesters, the Tibetan Parliament in-exile has strongly condemned China for the deadly crackdown and expressed condolences for the five Tibetans who died from torture and solidarity with their families.

“China’s armed forces are equipped with modern weapons. They opened fire on the peaceful demonstrations of Tibetans in Tibet, resulting in serious injuries and deaths,” the parliament-in-exile said in a statement.

“Many Tibetans sustained serious injuries and suffered torture, and have died as a result of the unacceptable withholding of proper medical attention. Such inhuman acts of genocide are indeed evil,” continued the statement.

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