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Dawa-Tsomo-Tibet-Dzatoe-county-2014Dharamshala: - In further crackdown on the Tibetan dissents in Tibet, a young Tibetan female writer was arrested by Chinese police in Dzatoe County of eastern Tibet on unknown charges.

"Chinese police have detained a Tibetan female writer named Dawa Tsomo aged around 20 in Chidza village of Dzatoe county in eastern Tibet on August 23," Ven Konchok Dhondup, a Tibetan monk living in India told The Tibet Post International (TPI) on Wednesday.

It seems she was arrested after police accused her of sharing politically sensitive information with others from her mobile phone.

'Although details of the arrest remain unknown due to the strict restrictions currently imposed by Chinese authorities in the Dzatoe (Chinese: Zaduo in northwestern China's Qinghai province),' Ven Dhondup said.

Tsomo was taken from her home by Chinese police and was apparently detained for sharing banned contents on micro-messaging service WeChat and website or blog.

Sources stated that "the Chinese police suddenly arrived at his home (Approximately 2 pm on August 23 2014) and detained her without a valid reason."

"Chinese authorities conducting the investigation accused of Tsomo using her phone to share information to others through the WeChat microblog messaging service and website or blog of posting topics related Tibet issue, including Tibet freedom, and the current situation in Dzatoe county, and the suffering of the Tibet under Chinese rule.

The violent crackdowns on anti-mining protesters in Yulshul County brings into focus the repressive tactics commonly used by the Chinese security forces. In recent years, authorities have sought to silence any kind of opposition against the Chinese authorities.

In May 2009, Chinese police fired live ammunition and tear gas on Tibetans in Surmang Township for protesting illegal mining operations. More than 12 Tibetans were severely beaten and sentenced on false charges of political activities.

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