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Gedun-Gyatso-Tibet-2015Dharamshala: - Sources coming out of Tibet say, Chinese authorities have arbitrarily detained Gedun Gyatso, a 27-year-old Tibetan Buddhist monk who is reportedly a sympathiser with Tibetans inside Tibet.

"Gyatso, a monk at the Thole Monastery in Tharshul township, Mangra County (Chinese: Guinan), Tsolho, north-eastern Tibet (Chinese: Hainan) Prefecture of Qinghai province was arrested from Chengdu City in Sichuan Province on January 10 for unknown reasons," sources told the Tibet Post International.

"The well-being and whereabouts of a Mangra monk accused for alleged political writings remain unknown after his arrest," sources added.

Sources said that "The Chinese authorities also seized his books in Tibetan, mobile phone, laptop and his course material."

The incident occurred last month after he and a friend attending a Chinese language class in the city," sources said, adding "a group of Chinese, mostly wearing black suddenly came at him while returning to his monastery from the city."

"His family and friends have tried to find out where he is being held and why. The Chinese authorities have not been given any information," Tibetan sources said.

"Tibetan blogger Gyatso, who wrote under pen name 'Dademig' had not been heard from in more than 20 days," sources said. "They are extremely worried about his well-being."

'The Chinese police kept him in custody for around three months after he was arrested in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet in 2008,' according to the sources. "Gyatso had previously studied in Drepung monastery. He was forced to return to his home after he was released."

In Tibet today, Tibetans are being arbitrary arrested, imprisoned and tortured for merely expressing their suffering under Chinese rule. Authorities in Beijing however still claim that "China 'peacefully liberated' Tibet, and the "Tibetans are living in a Maoist socialist paradise."

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